Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré, daughter of French wildlife photographers Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, was born in Namibia. During her childhood she befriended many wild animals, including a 28-year old elephant called Abu and a leopard nicknamed J&B. She was embraced by the Bushmen and the Himba tribespeople of the Kalahari, who taught her how to survive on roots and berries, as well as how to speak their language.

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upinthe-woods asked:

Hello!! When you receive this, share five facts about yourself then pass it to ten of your favorite followers :-D

1. I enjoy gifts. Not to be a gold digger; I don’t mean expensive things. I enjoy thoughtful gifts. It says, “Hey, I have invested my time to know you and what you like and some of my money to get you a gift that I know you would appreciate.”

2. I am striving to be a film score composer. Everyday that I go to school to learn to become one, my hope and happiness grows. This is the one, baby!

3. Candles. Are. A. Beautiful. Thing. To. Me.

4. I am a feminist. (YES. I have a boyfriend. YES. I can still be a feminist).

5. Music is nearly the most important thing in a world to me.